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456: Unprepared
The claw arms controlled by Uemai hold up the repaired material. Uemai’s face appendage inspects it as Eni waits in confidence.
With shattering swiftness, a claw rams into the sheet of material, smashing off all the repair goop with a massive gonging noise and undoing all of Eni and Kuu’s work.
As Eni recoils in shock, the material is returned to him; the claw taps once more at the marred sheet.



3 thoughts on “Unprepared

  1. I wonder… if we're all journeying to the conclusion together like Aun and Chax… what's our Path?

  2. Well, I'm going THATAWAY!

    Hey J… is all of you going to follow that same path or are some parts getting cut off to go a different way?

    Uh… don't slip & fall on your way there.


  3. Perhaps you're on the Path of Kind and Generous Patience that Surpasseth All Desire to Strangle the Author? Best I can come up with tonight.

    (Hamachi is referring to my falling through a glass panel in the shower today and getting partly julienned. I've gotten 25 stitches but am otherwise okay.)

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