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457: Start Again
(The scene shifts to darkness. A voice speaks.)
Voice: Over and over again.
The end is known, it is in sight, yet it recedes from us with each step.
Sometimes I wonder why I even try.
(The scene again shifts to show Chax, who has broken through the bubble at the top of the Kollen and is now falling inside, scattering little creatures who were working inside.)
Voice: But there’s more than just me at stake.

Start Again

2 thoughts on “Start Again

  1. I think I've figured out what our paths are, now. Ours is currently the Path of Patience. Yours is the Path of the Path-Forger. And when the comic is finished, new readers need not be patient. Instead, they shall freely embark of a long, strange, twisting, roundabout path toward a well-defined goal. Seemingly heading the wrong way, yet still headed toward the destination. Theirs will be the Path of the Stray, for they will be led astray… astray to Botaram.

  2. Thank you very much for your kind words!

    I look forward to the day on which I'll be able to look back again and echo Keith Knight in saying "What a long strange strip it's been." I'll be grateful not to be dead at that point.

    My subconscious has some work to do before the next entry, so I hope to have it up by Friday at the latest.

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