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455: Preparing Us
(Eni and Kuu continue to scrape the goop over the marred surface that Uemai presents to them.)
Kuu: I believe that the Ancestors are preparing us for a new trial – perhaps one that will redound to our glory and that of Botaram. Perhaps this new skill will help us to uncover a new path to our goal!
Eni: Be that as it may, Kuu, I do not find this a compelling task, and I am glad that it is completed. May it meet with their approval.
(Uemai's claw arms raise the piece of repaired material up for inspection.)

Preparing Us

2 thoughts on “Preparing Us

  1. You know, I've figured out why the comic's delays have stopped being frustrating to me. They're no longer being caused so much by the pressures of real life as they are by the story itself. Aun and Chax aren't the only ones on a strange, challenging quest for Botaram. So are you. And so am I.

  2. I want to respond to this, but you deserve a better reply than I can muster at 4 AM after a horrid day. Please consider this comment to be a placeholder.

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