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444: Whole, in Part
Eni awakens on the medical couch, a place he has not seen before. The last he knew, he was still climbing the outside of the structure.
Eni (looking down at his feet): My legs… I am whole.
It was a dream, then… Though this place looks scarcely more real.
(Eni sees a frenting rod placed in the control receptacle.)
Eni: That looks like Kuu’s frenting rod. I should secure it, if I still have power to stand up –
Eni stands up, and to help balance him, a strange appendage whirrs forth. It is an artificial arm and claw, attached to his shoulder in the place where he once lost his arm. Eni glares at it in surprise and panic.

Whole, in Part

One thought on “Whole, in Part

  1. Very interesting use of what we usually call the "camera angle" to hide the new bits.

    I guess we could call that his "private parts", as the new arm was hidden for a couple frames.


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