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453: Motile Again
(Eni and Kuu have an interal dialogue as the claw arms wait, trembling.)
Eni: How could this be accomplished, Kuu? We were taught that my animive paths would not intersect your directive nexi!
Kuu: Eni, I have taken strides with your legs–That is to say, I have reason to believe that it is possible. I do not want–know how to describe it more plainly, but please let me try!
Eni: Very well, Kuu. I shall place my trust in you. Try what you would.
(The spirit of Kuu seems to feel his way through Eni’s body, trying to match his arm to the mechanical arm.)
Kuu: Relax your mind, Eni. Let me seek the way…
Eni: AYI! Careful!…
Kuu: Forgive me, Eni. I now have better control. Yes. How odd it is… But I believe that I am ready.

Motile Again

2 thoughts on “Motile Again

  1. Oh, COOL!

  2. …but Eni is still frowning 🙁

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