I’ve been in a loop lately which goes like this:

1) Fail to get an entry done in time.

2) Having failed with the last entry, I stay up until 3 AM supposedly trying to get the next entry done, but actually I just spend the time goofing off and thinking around it until I’m too tired to do anything.

3) Be exhausted / busy with other tasks all next day, which causes me to…

4) Fail to get the next entry done in time.

It’s possible that I’m trying to push the story in a direction that it doesn’t want to go, and my subconscious is rebelling. I’m going to try to straighten all this out this weekend and get it jumpstarted by Monday. Until!

UPDATE: I think I have it figured out now. Watch this space…

UPDATE UPDATE: Next entry in progress. It should be up in an hour.

One thought on “Apologies…

  1. Sha, this is a strange feeling… all my life I've had a single, simple, noble goal… and now, for the first time in my life, I have NO idea where I'm headed!

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