6 thoughts on “Reverse Filler

  1. I… I might know what's happening. Bear with me.

    Back when my friends and I were growing up in the creche, the Ancestors would occasionally have us reenact past events, so as to better teach us about their importance. When we would do this, we would pretend to be our Ancestors when they were mere Strasmin. We would do this with utmost accuracy and reverence, of course.

    But the point is this: some of us would do this, and the others would simply sit and observe. Those of us who were pretending to be Ancestors may as well have been surrounded by four walls, inside which history was being played out. The first wall on our left, the second behind us, the third on our right, and a fourth in front of us, seperating the pretended events from reality. We would pretend not to see our audience, as if that wall were both imperceptible and opaque, yet transparent from the other side.

    I… I think we may have broken a fourth wall.

  2. When I first started reading that, I thought J had written it… but when I got about 80% of the way through, I realized there's no way J wrote it. He would never misspell "separate" like that.

  3. Give him a break. I don't think his people even have writing.

  4. Who, Aun or J? I know J's got writing. As for Aun, if there's no writing, how can there be reading?

  5. I meant Aun. I don't know the details. I don't think they bother to write. If they do, then not much. From what I can tell, they mostly just listen to their ancestors.

  6. Strasmin history and culture is indeed unwritten. Why do you need a book when you have access to the Ancestor/author for all eternity?

    Oistrem have the "cold bones of words", which have their own disadvantages, but at least the Oistrem have a way to discover if the Craisht is being inconsistent.

    (BTW, henceforth I'm gonna tag the writers of the "Aun" and "Chax" comments as "Reader Aun" and "Reader Chax" to try to preserve some shred of my sanity.)

    Reader Aun's comment above may have more truth to it than was intended. Check Aun's flashback sequence when he's trying to remember which drug is right, and you'll see some items on the left of the classroom that may just be visual aids, but are perhaps something more.

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