Recess – Sowth Winds Bwow!

I am on dialup right now, thanks to tropical storm (née hurricane) Irene. I should have a proper update ready tomorrow.


Jonas didn’t ask any questions in his comment, but I extracted two that were implicit in what he said.

Will Botaram ever be collected in book form? Probably so. I have kept the layout in a book-friendly format from almost the beginning. At some point I plan to revise the story (more on this in a later update) and I will likely set it up for on-demand publishing at that time.

Will it ever be famous? My guess is that it won’t. Botaram isn’t something I do for notoriety, and i don’t expect to ever make any real income from it. I’m telling a story that matters to me, and I am pleased that it matters to some other people as well. If nothing else ever comes of it, I will be content.

That said, it would help me to know how many of my readers would like to see Botaram in book form, and (while we’re on the subject) how many might be interested in related items. For instance, I have had a pair of Botaram t-shirts in mind for a while, and I considered having a custom set made for me, but if others would be interested, I can alter my plans. If anyone would like to comment on this, please do so below, or use the contact info on my profile page.

As always, thank you very much for reading!

2 thoughts on “Recess – Sowth Winds Bwow!

  1. T-shirts! What a great idea… except for one problem. I've been considering what color the shirt would be, and I have to admit that black characters on a plain white shirt is the most appropriate layout. The problem is that I hate plain white T-shirts and I tend ot avoid wearing them unless I dye some color into them. That could/would ruin the appropriateness of the black character on the (no longer) white shirt.


  2. …unless I batik over the comic panels (or maybe just the characters and props) and dye the REST of the shirt.


    (originally posted on 19nov?)

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