Further Progress

The move is over, and I find myself hollowing pathways through a mass of cardboard boxes and trying to reassemble the positive parts of my former environment. I expect it to be a while longer before I have put a creative space back together, but when I do, Botaram will return.

To all who are still watching, thank you for not giving up.

12 thoughts on “Further Progress

  1. Unpack, save the boxes.

    Make a fort out of the boxes.

    "creative space"

  2. How are things looking?

  3. I feel like BiggerJ and myself are the only people keeping an eye on AStB… If there is anyone else waiting for an update and hoping JJA keeps his story going, let's have a sound off here in the comments section and let him know we enjoy his art and writing and that we hope he keeps it going!

  4. Oh come on, let's turn the sound ON! How do you expect to hear anything otherwise?

  5. Hey JJA, I have an idea: why don't you move again? Don't have to go far…

  6. Hey J… I thought you said the move was over. Why are you moving?


  7. Just checking in on you again.

  8. Things are still tight right now, but I am still still alive. More anon…

  9. On anon… I just keep on trying…

    (Okay, I'll stop singing)

  10. Still have hope! May 2014 be a good year for you!

  11. Are you still there?

  12. Still here, amazingly.

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