Feeling Aliver…

I’ve been largely miserable for the past few months, but some things may be getting better now and not all was as bleak as I feared. Getting out into the fresh air helps a lot.

Since BiggerJ asked, I do have a Paypal account for donations, and there’s a yellow donate button at the bottom of each page. I’m not comfortable with the idea of asking for money at a time when I’m not producing any art, but if you’d like to show your support in this way, please feel free to do so. If you can’t stand Paypal, and many can’t, contact me via the email address in my profile (link also at page bottom) and we can work something else out.

I may not have to mention it, but kind words are always welcome. Thanks to all my readers for their encouraging comments, and to those who are still reading for sticking with me as I work some things out. Botaram will return.

[Also, some site functions (navigation button images and Archive script) are broken at the moment because one of my domains is down. This should be fixed soon.]

3 thoughts on “Feeling Aliver…

  1. I wish I was in a position to offer a donation. As it is, I can only offer kind words.

    I check this comic every couple of days hoping to see your situation has turned around and you've gotten the story going again. I have really enjoyed your writing so far and like seeing what you've done with the artistic limits you've set here.

  2. Welcome back J! Keep on getting better and it'll work its way out of you when it's ready. (I theeeeeennnn…)


  3. Thanks, Anonymous. I'll try not to leave you hanging much longer.

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