Accidental Faces

I’m back at work on Botaram but still missing deadlines, so here’s some more filler art in the meantime.

The faces that appear in Chimmer are usually created deliberately by me, and it’s an easy process, as the human eye is already predisposed to try to see faces in random assortments of objects. I have a small palette of Chimmer objects, and I usually shift these about until something looks facelike, then tweak it to make it more obvious.

It happens sometimes as I sort through my general shape palette that I find faces already made, which arose without any conscious intent on my part as I shuffled pieces around for other purposes. I have collected a few of these below.

The one by itself on the second row consists of two shapes, one being the most unusable shape in my original palette. I don’t think this face arose by accident, but my sleep-deprived brain thinks it’s worth including anyway. So here.

One thought on “Accidental Faces

  1. I'm looking forward to seeing where you take this story. I've enjoyed it very much and eagerly anticipate more!

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