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449: Closer Yet Further
(Eni stands in introspection, talking with Kuu whose spirit resides in his body.)
Eni: Kuu… I… You are my staunch ally and friend, Kuu, but we are in a dire situation…
Kuu: …and so it is not a good time to discuss why you find me burdensome.
Eni: I… wish you would not put it that way.
Kuu: Eni, for my part I wish that I was not forced to say these things, and that I had my own legs to carry me. Who wants to be a redundancy, a distraction?
Comrades who do not agree may cover their discord with soothing words or stirring deeds, but this no longer works for us. We are forced to be so close that it drives us further apart.
You are right, there will be better times to discuss this, but it must at some time be done for the good of us both!
Eni: You also are right, Kuu. We will find the time. We must come to accord to reach Botaram together.
I am sorry. I know in my mind that you do not mean to cause friction and delay, however the voice of my heart may speak to be overheard by you.
I just feel that one more distraction would break me –
Uemai: (shouts suddenly) EHDEN ZHUN!!
Eni: Oh, what is this now?!
Kuu: What now!?

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Further Progress

The move is over, and I find myself hollowing pathways through a mass of cardboard boxes and trying to reassemble the positive parts of my former environment. I expect it to be a while longer before I have put a creative space back together, but when I do, Botaram will return.

To all who are still watching, thank you for not giving up.

Progress Report

I’m in the middle of moving to a new apartment. I hope in the process to leave a bunch of problems behind and acquire not as many in exchange. Once I’m settled in and some of the stress is reduced, I expect to return to Botaram.

To all of my readers, thanks for your patience as I work through some troublesome times.


Feeling Aliver…

I’ve been largely miserable for the past few months, but some things may be getting better now and not all was as bleak as I feared. Getting out into the fresh air helps a lot.

Since BiggerJ asked, I do have a Paypal account for donations, and there’s a yellow donate button at the bottom of each page. I’m not comfortable with the idea of asking for money at a time when I’m not producing any art, but if you’d like to show your support in this way, please feel free to do so. If you can’t stand Paypal, and many can’t, contact me via the email address in my profile (link also at page bottom) and we can work something else out.

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Too Much Power…

As of this writing, I am back online in a warm and well-illuminated house. I’d like to thank our neighbors, Laura and Alexis, for sharing the use of their generator during the first few days, and our friends, Betsy and Stefan Burr, for opening their house to us, sharing dinner with us, and lending us their generator in our time of need.

However, it seems that while wrestling with setting up the heavy generator, I dealt my back a blow from which it has yet to recover. I am therefore bedridden for now, and so am postponing the next entry of Botaram to the coming Monday.



I am at least provisionally in the path of the East Coast hurricane, and have just gotten the hatches reasonably battened. I will be working on Botaram tonight and tomorrow as power and laptop battery permit. Provided that cell coverage remains, I should have the next entry up by tomorrow evening. Until!