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One thought on “Something Was Killed

  1. Dambed (sic) if you do, dambed if you don't. If the "station", as you call it is defending them against whatever foe, they should probably stay near it while foe remains. But if they go back inside, there are still those plants that nearly killed them recently.

    We don't yet know much about the plants. Do they have any intelligence? Is it possible that the fumes that nearly killed the two have marked them somehow for other plants of the same type to identify them as foes? If that's the case, then others of that plant may shoot fumes out without having been injured.

    Why does Chax think the station was protecting Aun alone from the foe? Was not Chax in equal danger?


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Feeling Aliver…

I’ve been largely miserable for the past few months, but some things may be getting better now and not all was as bleak as I feared. Getting out into the fresh air helps a lot.

Since BiggerJ asked, I do have a Paypal account for donations, and there’s a yellow donate button at the bottom of each page. I’m not comfortable with the idea of asking for money at a time when I’m not producing any art, but if you’d like to show your support in this way, please feel free to do so. If you can’t stand Paypal, and many can’t, contact me via the email address in my profile (link also at page bottom) and we can work something else out.

I may not have to mention it, but kind words are always welcome. Thanks to all my readers for their encouraging comments, and to those who are still reading for sticking with me as I work some things out. Botaram will return.

[Also, some site functions (navigation button images and Archive script) are broken at the moment because one of my domains is down. This should be fixed soon.]

Too Much Power…

As of this writing, I am back online in a warm and well-illuminated house. I’d like to thank our neighbors, Laura and Alexis, for sharing the use of their generator during the first few days, and our friends, Betsy and Stefan Burr, for opening their house to us, sharing dinner with us, and lending us their generator in our time of need.

However, it seems that while wrestling with setting up the heavy generator, I dealt my back a blow from which it has yet to recover. I am therefore bedridden for now, and so am postponing the next entry of Botaram to the coming Monday.



I am at least provisionally in the path of the East Coast hurricane, and have just gotten the hatches reasonably battened. I will be working on Botaram tonight and tomorrow as power and laptop battery permit. Provided that cell coverage remains, I should have the next entry up by tomorrow evening. Until!