Saturday, September 17, 2016

... It Looks Like Up to Me.

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I am alive, and despite a lack of activity for two. bleeping. years, Botaram is Not Quite Dead Yet.

My creative side has started to reawaken after a long period of stress and depression, and I’ve been looking at how best to resume. I think a transfer to Wordpress is indicated, as blogspot was never quite meant for hosting comics and I’ve had to put a lot of effort into making it do things that a comics theme on Wordpress may handle better.

But, content has to be a priority. It’s hard when you lose confidence in yourself as an author and artist. You may in fact be doing perfectly fine, even as you are sure you have messed up beyond all repair.

I will update as things progress. And if you are reading this at all, thank you for checking in with me after all this time.



randomguy said...

Only just discovered this post. I wish you all the best!

Anonymous said...

Drinking to your health. May you find the inspiration to finish this or the peace to have found better things.

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