Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Gearing up

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Chax finished his feed and joined Aun in staring up the hill at the station which had saved their lives, and which might still claim them.

"Shall we make the attempt now?" said Chax. "I am reinvigorated."

Aun paused a bit,reciting a mental drill for drawing strength in the face of battle. He felt his own strength returning to him.

"I think I'm ready. We have a fresh supply of eluctuant, and though it is not fully cured yet, it should work. As I understand it, the curing makes it more durable for long term travel and does not greatly improve its effectiveness. I will burst a capsule on you and on me before we enter; the effects should protect us for a while. I will also bind a spare capsule to your torso should you need to release more."

Chax nodded. "I noticed also that the creature we fought did not emit its chife until I thoughtlessly prodded at its corpse. I suggest we simply remove the limbs from any others we encounter, and not seek to strike deep blows that may provoke such an effluxion."

Aun nodded. "That sounds reasonable. I'll use the flat of my rod against their vile bodies. Let's reascend the hill and limber up, review our plan, and make our second strike!"

Aun ran off towards the steep hill, as Chax took great leaps alongside him with growing confidence.

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