Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Too Much Power...

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As of this writing, I am back online in a warm and well-illuminated house. I'd like to thank our neighbors, Laura and Alexis, for sharing the use of their generator during the first few days, and our friends, Betsy and Stefan Burr, for opening their house to us, sharing dinner with us, and lending us their generator in our time of need.

However, it seems that while wrestling with setting up the heavy generator, I dealt my back a blow from which it has yet to recover. I am therefore bedridden for now, and so am postponing the next entry of Botaram to the coming Monday.



Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon!

JJA said...

Thanks! I am still mostly confined to bed, but I seem to be making progress. We may be looking at another text entry - we'll have to see what tomorrow brings.

Hamachisn't said...

Please to be careful, lest too much power leave you powerless.


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